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Bathroom tile grout can become quite the headache. Being a high traffic area, it can feel impossible to keep sparkling clean in these areas, especially in mold-prone spots near toilets and tubs. If your grout is looking less-than-fabulous, you can try this quick trick and save yourself a renovation.

The Items You Need:
Vinegar + water solution (or your preferred floor cleaner)
Scrub brush
Paper towels
Small craft paintbrush
Grout renewer product (sold in hardware or home improvement stores)


1. Using the vinegar and water solution, clean your floors with your scrub brush. Be as thorough as possible. Once the floors are as clean as you can get them, give them time to dry. The grout renewer works best on clean, dry floors.

2. Using your paintbrush, brush the renewer onto the grout. Avoid getting any of the renewer on the tile, and be sure to wipe it off if you have any accidents. Work from the back of the room to the doorway so you don’t have to worry about smudging any of the renewer when you head back out of the room.

3. Once all the grout lines have been painted, avoid walking on the tile for 24 hours and let it fully dry for 72 hours. Now your bathroom tile should look fresh and clean! A quick fix all for under $20.

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