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Miami-Dade and Broward County

Pending and closed sales comparisons from May 2019 and May 2020!

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1 Grove Isle Drive #A406

Coconut Grove

2 πŸ› | 2 πŸ› | 1,642 SF πŸ“

Walkthrough was a breeze as we moved in the lucky new tenants of this beautifully located 2 bed, 2 bath condo on the exclusive and private Grove Isle.


The most common concern potential home buyers have is the down payment necessary to purchase a home. The idea of saving 20% of a home's value is daunting. While saving the money might take some planning, the good news is, with careful attention to that goal, saving for a down payment might be easier than you think and take less time than imagined.

How Much Down Payment Do You Need

Prior to the mortgage meltdown, anyone could get a home loan with 100% financing. While those risky mortgage programs have disappeared, not every loan requires 20% down either. Some lenders offer conventional loans requiring down payments as low as 5%. Credit worthiness plays a role in the options available to you so speaking with a lender is important.

Additionally, there are some special loan programs for those who qualify. First time home buyers can purchase a property with as little as 3.5% down using FHA financing. Veterans and qualifying military members can use special VA financing, allowing them to buy a home with no money down.

Evaluate Your Financial Situation

Once you determine how much down payment you'll need, it's time to assess your current situation. What cash is available to you right now? How can you make adjustments to your monthly budget to help save more if needed and find other ways to build a down payment? Here are some tips:

oCreate a Budget (AND KEEP IT) - Eliminate extra expenses such as expensive coffee or dining out on the weekends.

oSave Aggressively - Set a monthly savings goal and stick to it.

oHold a Garage Sale - Sell items that no longer serve a purpose. It's a great way to accumulate extra money and you'll see items you no longer need go to buyers who will appreciate them like you once did. Are you funding pet projects like restoring a vintage car or starting a collection of valuables? Perhaps it's time to sell those assets and put the funds toward your upcoming down payment.

oConsider Your 401k* - Most programs allow you to withdraw or borrow from your 401k without penalties to purchase a home.

oAsk Family Members - Some loan programs, such as FHA loans, allow for your down payment to be a gift from family. With loans available for as little as 3.5% down, you might find that you can get help from family.

oGrants and "Silent Seconds" - In some cases, down payment assistance programs can be used for the loan. Certain state and local programs, as well as employment or union-based programs, can help you obtain the down payment.

oGrants are outright gifts and typically are offered in exchange for spending time as a local teacher, law enforcement officer or other community-specific need.

oSilent Seconds are second mortgages which are used as the down payment for a conventional or FHA loan. These loans accumulate interest costs but require no payment and are not due until/unless the home is sold or refinanced.

Buying a home is a great way to build financial and family security. Finding the down payment might not be as difficult as you think. Watch for extra unnecessary expenses and place a priority on accumulating the needed funds. Meet with a lender and create a plan, and you'll find that saving could be easier than you imagine, allowing you to reach your goal of home ownership faster than you thought possible.


Hurricanes cause billions of dollars of damage every storm season. Home owners who have property in the danger zone need to prepare in advance in order to not only protect their family, but their home as well. Having a structured plan in place can mean the difference between saving life and property, or losing everything. Read on to learn some basic ways to make sure you are ready in the case of a storm.

Plan Ahead

A hurricane is nothing to take lightly; it’s critical that you have a plan in place long before the storm hits. Your plan should include such subjects as insurance, evacuation plans, emergency contacts and home preparedness. Having a thoughtfully constructed checklist easily available and communicated to family members ahead of any storms can make a dangerous storm less damaging.


First and foremost, have a conversation with your insurance agent and understand what level of coverage you have. If your home is destroyed, will your home owner’s insurance cover the cost of rebuilding and living arrangements while the home is rebuilt? If not, what options are available to ensure you have the coverage you need.

There is no such thing as a comprehensive hurricane insurance plan. Coverage for hurricane damage is typically a combination of several coverages such as wind and flood provisions. Understand the deductible costs as well.


The choice about whether you stay home during a hurricane or evacuate is a personal decision and should be based on the storm itself and the location of the home. Determine ahead of time how you and your family will handle the subject of evacuation. Create an emergency plan which includes not only timelines for evacuation, but where to meet family members.

Hurricane winds often quickly take down cell phone towers and power lines making it difficult or impossible to contact family member. Have a pre-determined meeting place and an emergency contact system in place. Consider asking a family member or friend out-of-state to be the point of contact for family members to ensure no one is lost or stranded.

Home Preparedness

Fortunately most of the time there is some warning that a hurricane is coming, but not always. Even with notice, it’s dangerous to rely on finding the emergency and home preparedness supplies you need once the notice has been given at local stores. Keep these items on hand so that you can quickly prepare your home for the approaching storm.

  • Windows – If your budget permits, consider replacing existing windows with high-impact glass which are built to withstand strong winds. Inexpensive plywood will protect windows and is easy to store along a garage wall.
  • Doors – Doors should be examined for loose hinges. Experts suggest adding deadbolts to provide extra strength against strong winds.
  • Roof – New housing codes now require hurricane straps or clips to hold the roof in place during a hurricane. Older homes should be retrofitted with these protections and be installed by a professional contractor.
  • Yard – Take special care of your trees and branches. Remove or trim anything which can fall on the home and cause damage.

There are many more ways to prepare for an advancing hurricane. Power generators, water pumps, off-site storage are just a few more ideas to allow you and your home to survive the storm.


Your roof is a critical part of your home. Protecting you from the elements all year round, your roof takes the brunt of any weather that comes through your town. That exposure every single day can lead to wear and tear, and sometimes that can lead to issues that need repaired. It isn’t always obvious when your roof needs a fix, but here are some indicators that it may be time to call a roofer!

1. It Looks Worn

It might seem obvious, but if your roof looks bad, that might indicate it needs a repair. When your shingles appear damp and worn, it means they’re holding moisture and no longer fully able to do their job. If the shingles are cracked or curling up at the corners, they are at a point that they may fall out and will need fixed or replaced.

2. You Have A Leak

Do you have any ceiling wet stains? Though you may not notice them at first, wet spots can be the first indicator that precipitation is leaking through your roof and into your ceiling. You will want to get this fixed as soon as you notice it to prevent further water damage to your house interior.

3. The Roof Is Sagging

If you roof isn’t in a straight line, it is sagging. This means it is definitely time to call a roofing company because serious structural damage can occur if sagging is not remedied.

4. You Can See The Light

This is the one time you don’t want to see the light - and that is when you are looking up at your roof. If light can penetrate your roof, so can plenty of other things. If you ever have any light leaks, get the crack filled as soon as possible.


under C O N T R A C T

Sellers Edition βœ”οΈ


Colee Hammock

821 SE 2nd Court, Fort Lauderdale

4 πŸ› | 5.5 πŸ› | 4,785 SF πŸ“


Glades of Boca Lago

21946 Arriba Real

2 πŸ› | 2 πŸ› | 1,216 SF πŸ“


Barbados at Oasis

2402 NE 1st Street, Homestead

3 πŸ› | 2.5 πŸ› | 2,605 SF πŸ“


Silver Palm Southwest

11714 SW 242nd Terrace, Homestead

4 πŸ› | 2.5 πŸ› | 3,100 SF πŸ“


Artesa by Lennar

11482 SW 248th Terrace, Homestead

3 πŸ› | 2.5 πŸ› | 1,524 SF πŸ“


just L I S T E D βœ”οΈ
Glades of Boca Lago
Boca Raton🏑
21946 Arriba Real #2-G
2 πŸ› | 2 πŸ› | 1,216 SFπŸ“
Totally renovated 2/2 first-floor corner unit condo in Glades of Boca Lago. Completely redone and never lived-in since!! New bathrooms, flooring, kitchen, appliances, etc. Superb attention to detail- just waiting for someone to call it home!
Contact Nina Yanowitz
954-243-4711 πŸ“²


just L I S T E D

Colee Hammock

Fort Lauderdale, FL


821 SE 2nd Court

4 Bed | 5.1 Bath | 3,901 SF



Walk through the entry gates to an impeccably lush front yard of this magnificent tri-level home in the desirable neighborhood of Colee Hamock, directly parallel to Las Olas Blvd. Step into soaring ceilings as you are welcomed by the den/family room, dining room & expansive living room. The open kitchen has endless counter space, center island, SS appliances, breakfast nook + large walk-in pantry. Shift your gaze to french doors that open up to the pool area. First floor is complete w/ 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage + 2 car driveway. 3 of 4 bedrooms (including master) on 2nd floor + full laundry room. Saving the best for last, head to the 3rd floor for 4th bedroom + a dreamy sundeck. Walking distance to Las Olas shops and restaurants- cant beat this location!


just L I S T E D

Silver Palm Southwest

Homestead, FL


11714 SW 242nd Terrace

4 Bed | 2.5 Bath | 2,630 SF



Gorgeous and spacious single family home built in 2018 and located in Silver Palm Southwest built by Lennar. The home features 4 bedrooms / 3.5 baths. All bedrooms + laundry room are on the second floor. Walk through the arched doorway into the huge master bedroom with expansive walk in closet and ideal master bath with separate shower, tub + dual sinks. Home comes equipped with hurricane shutters and open patio / backyard.


just L I S T E D βœ”οΈ
Townhomes in the community of Artesa by Lennar 🏘
Homestead, FLβ˜€οΈ
24901 SW 114th Court 🏑
2 πŸ› | 2.5 πŸ› | 1,422SF πŸ“
11482 SW 248th Terrace🏑
3 πŸ› | 2.5 πŸ› | 1,524 πŸ“
Beautiful Townhomes in the secure, gated neighborhood of Artesa built in 2017 featuring open and spacious layouts. Beautiful and open eat-in kitchens w/ stainless steel appliances. Large private and fenced in patio great for entertaining or relaxing. All bedrooms upstairs, as well as washer / dryer. These homes come equipped with hurricane shutters and with the communities several amenities (pool, party room, exercise room, children’s playground and more) is excellent for families. Wonderful location with its close proximity to great schools, restaurants, shopping malls, pharmacy, supermarket, etc + easy access to the turnpike!


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M A R K E T focus update
M A R K E T focus update  Miami-Dade and Broward County Pending and closed sales...

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R E N T E D 1 Grove Isle Drive #A406 Coconut Grove
R E N T E D 1 Grove Isle Drive #A406 Coconut Grove 2 πŸ› | 2 πŸ› | 1,642 SF πŸ“ Walkthrough...

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just L I S T E D βœ”οΈ Townhomes in the community of Artesa by Lennar 🏘 Homestead, FLβ˜€οΈ . 24901...

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