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Updated: Sunday, February 25, 2018

Selling Your Home? A Kitchen Clean Up Pays Off
Written By: Realty Times Staff

When it comes to selling a home, a kitchen clean up pays. You dont have to do an expensive remodel to make your kitchen appealing to buyers. If youre starting with a good kitchen space, then making a few inexpensive modifications can help you get your home noticed and sell for more money.Here are a few things to start with. Some people like to l...

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Why Not To Convert The Garage When Remodeling Your Home
Written By: Realty Times Staff

One of the biggest reasons that people buy homes instead of continuing to rent is to have more space.But the cost of buying with little money down or to move up to a better neighborhood could mean a compromise on space.Many older homes, particularly those built before the 1990s, average less square footage than newer homes. One way homeowners ge...

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How Much Home Can You Really Afford?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

So, youre getting ready to buy your first home, and you feel like youre at the mercy of the market. And your mortgage lender. In some ways, it might even feel like theyre working against each other - especially if youre in a really hot market in which you cant qualify for the amount youd need to buy what you want.When it comes to providing pre-a...

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Backyard DIY Projects
Written By: Realty Times Staff

You dont have to pay through the nose to have the best backyard on the block. If you have a few simple DIY skills and know how to use a tape measure and level, you can easily upgrade and update your backyard all on your own.If youve ever dreamed of a lovely garden path, perennial garden or a privacy fence, but youve hesitated because of cost, no...

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Considering the Argument for Adding Individual Mortgages to Your Investment Portfolio
Written By: Edward Brown, Investor Relations at Pacific Private Money

Investing in mortgages should not be looked at with trepidation. As with other cash flow investments such as corporate bonds, government notes, or money market funds, mortgage investments can be looked at in the same vein. Mortgage investments have an attractive risk-return ratio in comparison to other income-producing investments. If you choose...

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HOA Board Elections
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Question: Our condo has an election coming up: eight applicants for four positions. Residents are sent packets with applicants resumes and proxy sheet to mail n if they are not able to attend the meeting to vote in person. Some residents ignore the entire event.Some applicants are going door to door asking residents to sign a proxy form for them...

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Avoid Contractor Estimation Errors; Hire A Contractor That Uses The Bluebook Pro Estimator
Written By: Realty Times Staff

There are many things to consider when it comes to remodeling or any other home improvements on a home. The pressure to get things done in the right way can at times be overwhelming. However, choosing the right residential construction contractor can help you >One of the must-have tools a homeowner should look for when choosing a residential con...

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Whats Driving Canadian Cities House Prices?
Written By: Jim Adair

It costs a lot more to buy a home in Toronto or Vancouver than it did in 2010. While some of the increase is >A new study by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. looked at the period from 2010 to 2016, during which prices in Vancouver rose by 48 per cent and in Toronto by 40 per cent. It determined that about 75 per cent of the increase in Vancouve...

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California Broker-Owned Escrows Need To Submit Activity Reports
Written By: Bob Hunt

It is time again -- but there is not much time left -- for affected California brokers to submit their annual Escrow Activity Report to the Bureau of Real Estate BRE. This applies to firms that operate a "broker-controlled escrow" that engaged in five or more transactions or whose escrow activities exceeded 1 million in the past calendar year.No...

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DIY Renovating Donts We Learned From Experience
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

DIY always seems like such a good idea in the dream stage. Build in some equity with elbow grease. Get more for our money while learning some important skills. Create pretty spaces without having to deal with contractors. What could go wrong?Plenty, actually. If you dont already have a DIY horror story, or at least a tale of woe thats funny only...

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Renovation Tips For A Classic, Not Trendy, Home
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Heres the dilemma. Youre getting ready to redo your kitchen and you want it to be stylish and modern but not trendy. After all, this is the only kitchen renovation you ever plan to do and you dont want it to be outdated before you are even finished with the final touches.If youre paralyzed because youre afraid of making the wrong decision, we ge...

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Tips For Negotiating With Sellers
Written By: Realty Times Staff

If you dread the negotiating process when buying a home, never fear. Your real estate agent is an experienced negotiator who helps keep the bargaining from becoming emotional and veering off track.Your agent must know your desires by heart and have quick access to you if a negotiation point needs to be made. Its important to stick to the strateg...

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Design Tips for Upgrading Your Sunroom
Written By: Super User

The bones of your sunroom are all there - windows, floors, ceiling and maybe even some >Big Changes for Big EffectsTake a good look at your space. What do you see? The "bones" of your space set the tone for everything that goes in it: this includes flooring, wall color or wall finish, ceiling, and other architectural elements that give your room...

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Nine Must-Haves For Your New Home, Valentines Day Edition
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Sure, the right number of bedrooms is important. And, of course, you wouldnt even consider a house in the wrong school district. But what are the other things that really matter when buying a home? You know, the things that make your life easier - or at least a little less chaotic - on a daily basis and that support your life>Whats true of >The ...

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Home Seller Tips To Having A Successful Open House
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Holding an open house for your soon-to-be-listed or newly on the market home is a lot like being on a game show where edging out the other contestants in a short period of time is key. In TV game shows, such as "Jeopardy," the contestants donrsquo;t automatically know answers to so many trivia questions; they study and they plan and they make it...

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Death And Taxes: Not Always Inevitable
Written By: Benny L. Kass

Question. My husband recently died of a massive heart attack, leaving me a widow at a young age. I was thrust into a new life status that was not my choice or my desire. I believe I am being penalized for something that has already devastated my life in many ways.We were fortunate to have invested wisely in our principal home many years ago, and...

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The HOAs Maintenance Plan
Written By: Richard Thompson

The purpose of a Maintenance Plan is to instruct a homeowner association board and property manager how to properly maintain common element components. Following a well prepared Maintenance Plan will help extend the useful life of the components and reduce costs to the members.An effective preventive maintenance plan should satisfy the following...

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Get Ready to Buy This Spring
Written By: PJ Wade

Once you decide that this Spring you want to buy a new home mdash; or your first house mdash; the question is, "Where do we start?"The answer lies in two sets of decisions:1. Start With Success: Begin by deciding what success means to you. Clarify what you really want and why, not just whats "in" right now. Explore this practical side before vie...

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Selling Your Home? A Kitchen C...
When it comes to selling a home, a kitchen clean up pays. You dont have to do an expensive r...

Why Not To Convert The Garage ...
One of the biggest reasons that people buy homes instead of continuing to rent is to have mo...

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