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Updated: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What Kinds Of Mortgages Are Available?
Written By: Benny L Kass

Once you have signed a contract for the purchase of your new home or condominium or cooperative apartment, and assuming you do not have all of the cash in your bank account, you will need to obtain a mortgage loan.There are many different loans on the market - and many different loan programs from which to choose. You should contact at least thr...

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Crunching The HOA Budget
Written By: Richard Thompson

Fall is the time when most homeowner associations count last years costs and crunch next years numbers hoping to squeeze blood out of the HOAs turnip. Often its so dry, there isnt even any turnip juice left much less any O positive. But crunch you must. Here are some of the ways to make the cash flow more freely.Adjust by Inflation. This is a no...

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Boomers Still Drive Canadas Housing Market
Written By: Jim Adair

Canadas baby boom generation isnt ready to stop buying and selling real estate, new data shows. In addition to purchasing their own primary and recreational homes, boomers are also helping millennials get into the market."Dont count them out yet -- baby boomers will impact Canadas housing market in a big way in the coming years, as another 1.4 m...

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Code Of Ethics: Its Not The Boy Scout Oath
Written By: Bob Hunt

Some years ago, I participated in a meeting of NAR National Association of REALTORSreg; directors from our state. To put it mildly, we -- a sizeable group -- were being admonished with respect to what had become a common problem. That is, too many directors were guilty of leaving meetings early, having made travel arrangements that were a conven...

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Retirement Housing: Fixing Big Problems with Tiny Solutions
Written By: Gregory Charlop

You go out and start searching for a home to last you through your golden years. Unfortunately, finding a place is much tougher than you expected. You look all over town only to discover that all the senior living options are either depressing or prohibitively expensive or both.You agonize over the Sophiersquo;s choice of paying for housing or p...

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Go West...Err, Midwest, To The Hottest Housing Markets In The Country
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Call it "The Heartland." Or "Americas Breadbasket." However you choose to refer to the area between the Rockies and the Appalachians, you can also assign an important new descriptor: Home to Americas hottest housing markets. In the latest market report from, California cities that once dominated the list have been replaced by several...

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Has Blue Become A Neutral? Heres How To Use It In Your Home
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Feeling blue? Youre not alone. The color is hotter than ever - so much so that its being called a "neutral" by interior designers and color specialists. Move over, beige. Theres a new contender in town."They used to take a backseat, but todays neutrals are leading the way in unexpected directions," said House Beautiful. "Lilac, navy, and Etrusca...

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What to Expect When Getting Pre-Approved
Written By: David Reed

What about other debt? What sort of monthly payments are you obligated to pay each month? The loan officer would then take that information, plug in current market rates back in 1981 the average 30 year rate hovered around 17. No, really and give you an amount you can qualify for. Maybe even the loan officer typed up a prequalification letter yo...

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6 Surefire Ways To Get Your House Sold
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Were coming to the end of summer, and that means that families seeking to buy a new home before school starts have likely already done their thing. But that doesnt mean youre out of luck if youre looking to sell. Whether youre just getting ready to list your home or havent had any bites on your existing home for sale, these tips will get it - an...

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Mortgage Broker Qamp;A
Written By: Shelby Elias

1. What does a mortgage broker do?A professional mortgage broker originates, negotiates, and processes residential mortgage loans on behalf of their clients.2. What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker?A mortgage broker represents your interests rather than the interests of a lending institution. They act not only as your loan officer, bu...

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There are Different Kinds of Community Associations
Written By: Benny L Kass

A large number of American homeowners now live in a community association. But do you know that there are several different kinds of community organizations, and each has a different set of laws, and different legal structures.Oversimplified, the three main types of community associations are condominiums, cooperatives and homeowner associations...

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Ask the HOA Expert: What Is An Executive Session
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: What is the definition of an "executive session"? Can a meeting begin as an executive session, and end as an open session, or vice versa?Answer: There may be a state statute that defines "executive session". If so, you need to follow it. If there is not a statute, the board generally is permitted to hold an executive session to discuss...

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Ready to Talk About Real Estate?
Written By: PJ Wade

Just the other day, it happened again.I ended up face to face with a real estate myth I thought had been debunked out of existence in the last century.And yet, there I was in a popular "resto," waiting for my lunch companion and half listening to the two articulate couples chatting at the table behind me, when I heard it.Like so many of us today...

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No Such Thing As Real Estate Ethics?
Written By: Bob Hunt

A delightful little book by John Maxwell is provocatively titled, Theres No Such Thing as Business Ethics.Now some might simply think, "no kidding." But for the curious, or those inclined to disagree, Maxwells book makes an interesting argument. His point is not that all of business is unethical. Rather, he disagrees with the point of view that ...

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Trend Alert: Punch Up Your Home With Painted Doors And Trim
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Your kitchen: White. Your walls: White. Your doors and trim: Hmm. Maybe its time for something a little different. We think nothing about painting our exterior door a standout color, but what about the interior doors? And then theres the trim, which often gets no love at all."Whether simple or ornate, interior trim is a finishing touch that ofte...

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Easy Ways To Jazz Up Your Dorm On A Budget
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Getting ready to move your college student into the dorm? Prepare yourself for the old and the ugly. Unless your child has the good fortune of moving into a brand-new dorm, you can expect their space to be seriously lacking in >SeatingThe floor space will likely be limited in the dorm, but that doesnt mean you cant integrate some guest seating f...

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The Logic Behind an Effective Logo: A Real Estate Professionals Greatest Asset
Written By: Lewis Fein

Competition within the real industry is keen. The contest to build awarenessto develop it with the same care as the construction of a residential building or a commercial propertyis essential. Nowhere is this effort more visible, and nowhere is what we see more impressionable, than it is within the world of marketing.The vision before us is neit...

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How To Get The Most Out Of Small Kitchens
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Many people complain about small kitchens but tiny spaces arent always to be dreaded. If youre selling your home and your kitchen is, well, compact, know that you can find ways to achieve big appeal with a little creativity.Bring in the light. Sometimes small kitchens can be dark, making them feel even smaller. But if you remove the curtains fro...

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What Kinds Of Mortgages Are Av...
Once you have signed a contract for the purchase of your new home or condominium or cooperat...

Crunching The HOA Budget...
Fall is the time when most homeowner associations count last years costs and crunch next yea...

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